Sunday, 18 November 2018

Remembrance Day

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Tuesday, 6 November 2018


On Tuesday 6th of November It was athletics day, This year we went to the W Lovelock track. We left at about quarter to 9 and walk from Owairaka school to Wesley athletics. 

The first activity was discus i
Think i did a pretty average job but it was fun watching all of the runners go past and cheering them on. then we did long jump what was fun but i'm not very good at it but it was all so fun cheering on the runners as wheel. next we did shout put what is boring because I've never like shout put but that's that OK. then we did high jump it was super fun while it lased but i got out straight away but Isaiah did a amazing he did 1.24 wow. that big yow. 

Next we did running what i thought i was good at but no no no i'm slow. So first we did the 800m race i did but i did a average job. i came 10th then we did the 100m race # the midget race i did pretty good because in my first race i came 3rd place but of course i wanted to come 1st but that was never going to happen then in the semi final came last.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

School Camp

Image result for chosen valley campOn Monday we went to camp at Chosen Valley. I was sleeping with Olly, Eli, Thoeden and Keane. We had a amazing time. My favourite activity was the confidence course and the raft building. It was super fun. On the first night I got no sleep what so ever but on the second night I got some sleep because we were all so tried. On the next day the other Kauri classes got to the camp and we did a massive bush walk together. Then we went back to school. I wish camp was longer!

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Kindness is a superpower gif

Here is a GIF that i made about being kind.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

100 word challenge the bird hotel

In the sky there is a house, a house that no humans are allowed to go in, a house that only birds can get in , a house that flies. What is it…. it’s a bird hotel. The bird hotel is place that birds can hang out whenever they want. There are a lot of different types of birds in the birdhouse, eagles , pigeons,sparrows, hawks, it goes on and on. There's cold places for the penguins, there's ponds for the ducks and there are big rooms for the eagles that want to fly around. And it’s free to stay there. 

On this story i was only aloud to use 100 word.  I hope you like it.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Holiday review

In the fist week of the holidays i did three hours of cricket training, i did it to get used the the hard ball and all the gear . It stared at 9am Thursday, when i got there we started by doing a bit of catching and fielding drills. My favourite bit out of the catching drills was when the ball was going really high and the i did a jumping one handed catch. Then we had some food and went onto the next drill. The next drill was batting and bowling so what happened is that two people got padded up and went to the nets. the rest of the people bowled to them. i was the last person to bat, it was very some of the bowlers were really fast i just tried not to get hurt it was fun.
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